2016 was the warmest year ever!

We've already lost three-quarters of the floating ice. So, from Qwasap, we want to help raise awareness of this problem collaborating with Greenpeace.


In Qwasap also the North Pole is melting!

All Qwasap users that are located at the North Pole will experience this problem. Randomly, they will be rescued from disaster and welcomed as refugees in any other location on the planet. If this happened to you, you will receive a warning. To find out what is your new location, send the command /info or ask to the people who are there. Naturally, you are free to reach you at anywhere else location.

Please, do not forget to visit these links and take action to protect the environment and save the Arctic:

The illustration of the head of this page is made by Castrolara. See also Ilustradores por el Ártico.

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