These are some of the special features of Qwasap

Qwasap is not only a powerful tool for local communication. It is much more.

  • Geolocalized messages. Place yourself where you want, real or not, and contact people who are there. Help other users or get relevant local information.
  • Set the listening radius that you want from 1 to 300 kms.
  • Notices & Broadcast Messages.
  • Save your favorite locations on a personal agenda ❤️.
  • You can also activate a method to automatically update your position with the command /auto and Qwasaploc
  • Create more private areas. They are called QPs and they serve to create more discrete or specific chat areas to what you might need.
  • Get all your relevant information by sending the command /info
  • Look at the list of sites with more users by sending the command /hot
  • Easily share a location from any Telegram chat or group sending @qwasapbot address. You'll get the coordinates and the map with Google Maps link that can also be forwarded to anyone.
  • Send private messages to any user even if you are in any other location.
  • Your personal data or Telegram profile is not shared. Each user appears with the name chosen in Telegram (or you can use an exclusive one for Qwasap) and only for a single Qwasap number (ID) is identified. There is no access to your Telegram profile.
  • Take a look at previous messages. When you place yourself in a place you can see the 10 posts prior to your arrival with the command /recover. You can also retrieve previous messages from a particular QP in which you're sending /recoverhere
  • You can mark your messages with #tags and so they can be retrieved with the command /recover tag
  • You can even choose to receive only messages marked with a particular #tag with the command /filter tag. To remove the filter send /filter (nothing more)
  • You can send text messages, gifs, stickers, photos, audio and all files that allows Telegram.. In private messages only text.
  • Ban annoying users with the command /ban ID. ID is the user number. You can start receiving messages from previously banned users sending /unban ID. Information about users that you have banned appears sending /info
  • Users are valued positively or negatively by other users. Users with many positive or negative votes appear with special marks before their names. This allows you to appreciate the degree of confidence that their informations deserves. Also, highly rated users will gain access to special features.
  • Format your text messages with bold and italics.
  • Learn all about Qwasap by reading FAQs. Or use the help by sending /help. A summary of the commands appears by sending /helpcommands

    The new active functions are announced on Qwasap Channel ¡Please, suscribe! Just we send relevant information.

    We love Qwasap and are always planning new and exciting features. Here you can see some features on which we are working