Buy and sell Bitcoin locally, anywhere

If you already have Telegram with Qwasapbot enabled, you also have a powerful tool to buy and sell Bitcoin locally, person to person, without complications and without fees or commissions. To do this, once you are located in the place of the world you like, post your ad and add to it the following tags:

#bitcoin (in all cases)

#bitcoinsell (if you want to sell Bitcoins)

#bitcoinbuy (if you want to buy Bitcoins)


I sell 0.1 to 0.5 BTC. Contact me by private or [here your Telegram alias] #bitcoin #bitcoinsell

  • You can send a private message to any user by using the command /priv ID (ID is the number in front of his/her name)
  • Buy or sell Bitcoin locally as a guru

    If you already know how to use Qwasapbot, for use it as a local Bitcoin market you just have to handle a few commands.

    • /location [address at which you want to locate yourself] Example: /location Paris, France
    • /recover bitcoin (to retrieve the latest messages with that label. If you send only /recover will see the latest posts, not only those labeled with #bitcoin)
    • /filter bitcoin (to receive only messages that are published with the label #bitcoin) IMPORTANT: once you activate this filter, it remains active until you disable it manually by sending only /filter
    • /info (shows your information, including if you have or have not activated a filter)
  • If the main area for your location has too much activity, you can meet with anyone in a quiet area that we call QP. You can tell to your partner:

    We continue the conversation in the /qpbitcoin (the name is an example, may also be /qpname-you-want)

    So all users who sent the command /qpbitcoin will be found in a quiet area where they can keep talking peacefully.

    To return to the main zone of your location simply send /qp (nothing more)
  • Activate

    Some more details

    As in any new human interaction, it is always advisable that once you accept to meet someone for a transaction, you will meet in a public place with a lot of activity at that time like a cafe, a public square or a mall, for example.

    Keep in mind: the world is very large and Qwasapbot is still very young. You might not find people interested in Bitcoin in your area but someone has to be a pioneer and, in this case, can be you. In order to test how a local Bitcoin market works, you can temporarily place you in Bangkok (you know, send /location Bangkok). Send a message with any of these tags: #human #bitcoin #atm or #instructions. There, you'll find someone who can answer your questions.

    Other ways to get help on this topic:

    Human Bitcoin ATM Project Group. Preferred language: english

    Support groups in Spanish, English and Esperanto.