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Telegram is the best messaging application to comunicate safely. Qwasap adds the ability to send and receive messages in the geographic area you want. Have you Telegram?

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Qwasap is to interact, in a non-intrusive mode, with people like you who are in the same area. Occupy an area of the planet and start a public, free and open local network of support and information exchange. If you already have Telegram:

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Now, you can to Qwasap

Follow the instructions and you're Qwasaping. You can choose your actual location or any other, even the radius within the zone to interact. Try it! You have added to your Telegram a very useful feature. Want to ask about something? Your pet is lost? Want to know what's going somewhere? Ask the people who are there!

IMPORTANT: Qwasap is a powerful collaborative tool for local communication, but it is just beginning and the world is very huge. You may not find users in areas you choose, for the moment. You are a pioneer! Spread the idea and begin in the area you want the first fully free and open geochat. Change zones whenever you want. Add it now to your Telegram!


  • Start a free and open local network of support and information exchange in any geographical area with a radius of between 1 and 256 kms
  • Coordinate activities in specific areas: games, searches, demonstrations ...
  • Find out what's happening on a site asking who are there.
  • Launch a message in a particular area.
  • Announce a good deal so it can be seen by people nearby.
  • Share information with all the people in a given area.
  • Comment on an event that is happening there.
  • Ask for help to find something you lost.
  • Warn people of that place about something important.
  • Ask if anyone wants to dance with you.
  • Maybe someone can suggest you some good nearby restaurant.
  • Help other people in that place.
  • Send a location to any user or group with "Forward Message". And now with "inline" mode from any chat or group of Telegram! See: Share location

The limit is your imagination.

We continually work to improve this tool. Look here the upcoming features!