What is Telegram?

The best application of secure messaging you can imagine. Get it on Telegram

What Telegram offers?

  • Conversations with any of your contacts.
  • Groups up to 5000 people.
  • Channels to distribute or see all kinds of information.
  • Bots interactive applications that make many useful things.
  • Files send and receive all types of files.
  • What is Qwasap?

    A bot that lets you talk to people who are located anywhere in the world. Qwasap is a public, free and open local network for assistance and information exchange. It also serves to easily share a location with any user or group. If you already have Telegram enable now Qwasapbot

    What I can do with Qwasap?

    You can send and receive messages in a specific geographical location within a radius that you decide. Use the "Help" button within Qwasap. You can also read some ideas.

    To understand the peculiarities of radiuso, look here: UNDERSTANDING THE RADIUS

    What is that number that appears before the usernames?

    Users in Qwasapbot appear in conversation with the format "ID Username:" (Example: 123456 Boby Mcguire:). That number is unique for each user. It is your identity in Qwasapbot and prevents another user using the same username might confuse others or attempt to impersonate another user. Thus, users maintain their privacy (no one can see your Telegram profile) while a single insuplantable identity is maintained. This ID will also allow us to create new and exciting features in the future.

    Can I change my username in Qwasap?

    Yes! You can use the name you want. By default the name that you have in Telegram is used but if you want to change it (only for Qwasap) simply send /name TheNameYouWant. You can change it as many times as you like but your user ID will always remain the same..

    What are the Qwasap commands?

    Commands are orders that you can send to the bot. Simply type / in the text area and see the available commands. Click on one of them and the order will be sent to the bot. You can also write them directly with additional arguments if needed.

    How to settle at Qwasap?

    Currently there are four ways:

  • Press "My Location" and the bot will tries to find the location of your device, if possible.
  • Send /location + address or city or coordinates (latitude longitude). Besides locate you there, it will send you a map and coordinates.
  • Press the paper clip icon, choose "location" and then the desired location on the map. This may be your real or another that you prefer. This option is not available in the Web version of Telegram.
  • You can also send @qwasapbot + address or city or coordinates (latitude longitude). You can do this from any Telegram chat or group.
  • How to save your favorite locations?

    Just press the button ❤️ and you will access your personal agenda of favorite locations. You will see your list of saved locations. You can access them by clicking the link that is in each of them. You can also delete each of them or add your current location. You can save up to 9 favorite locations.

    How to share a location with other users?

    Sometimes we may need to share our actual location or any other with other users. Qwasap is very useful for this. Suffice to choose a new location in Qwasap or use the button "My Location" if you want to get your actual location. Qwasap will return two messages, one with a map and one with the coordinates. Those messages you can forward them to any user or group by clicking on them with the right mouse button or long press over them on mobile devices. Select "Forward Message" and then the person/s or group that you want to forward them. Users who receive can click on the map and their map application opens. They can also use the coordinates with their favourite GPS application. It is a very practical way to show someone the address or how to go to a particular site.

    Even easier with the "inline" mode: In any Telegram chat or group you can write "@qwasapbot" and then type an address or city and country. Click on the correct option when it appears. That will return a map, address and coordinates. The map is clickable and will open the map application. Try it!

    How to update your location automatically?

    If you travel or move through a large area, you may want to update your location automatically. At first Telegram did not provide this option so we had to devise a way to do it. It is not difficult, although you will need the help of a small application that, for the moment, works only for Android: Qwasaploc. For detailed instructions to activate and deactivate the automatic location just you have to send the command /auto in Qwasapbot. Telegram currently has this function and we have adapted it to work in a special way in Qwasapbot. You just have to click on the clip icon, choose "Live Location" and then "Share My Live Location". Choose how long and during that time period your location will automatically update in Qwasapbot. Your location is not shared with other users. You can check your current location using the /info command.

    Can I see previous messages in one location?

    We did Qwasap to be the closest thing to get somewhere and start to see and interact with what happens there. You'll see new messages from you get to that area. But if you want to take a look at the 10 posts prior to your arrival, there is a trick: Send /recover.

    What is a QP?

    In Qwasapbot is possible to open thematic or private spaces called QP. It is as simple as sending /qp name-you-want (examples: /qp 5670 or /qp keep talking or /qp xRt32Fg# or whatever you want, up to 45 characters). Virtually infinite spaces can be created and they do not depend on the location or the radius of each user that enters to the QP. This is useful to explain something to another user without the conversation miss out on the main timeline. It can also serve to organize an event, retransmit any concrete information or a thousand other things that each user can imagine. It is sufficient that two or more users enter the same qp. You can also promote a meeting in a QP simply posting them on your blog or website. Example: Friday, 29 at 12:00 GMT we will talk about this issue in @qwasapbot at the /qp virtual assembly (or any other name, of course).

    You can also propose to users to continue a conversation in a QP via a private message.

    Once you're finished using the qp, to see again the general conversation at that location just send /qp (without adding anything else). Or place you in the usual way.

    To create a direct link to a QP write it in a message with this format: /qpChosenName, for example: /qpcollegegossips or if it contains spaces, replace them with underscore (example: /qpkeep_talking).

    We provide you tools for a open local communication; the limit is your imagination as always.

    Tip: If you were late for a QP in which more people are talking, send the /recover command to see some previous messages.

    How to send private messages?

    You can send private messages to any user just by knowing their ID number. Private messages are received regardless of the receiver location and are marked with the icon 📪 followed by the ID and sender name. To send a private message use /priv followed by the ID number of the recipient and your message. Example: /priv 30 Hello, I would like to tell you something important. There is currently a limit of private messages. You can send up to 10 privates daily. Currently there is a limit of private messages. Initially, all users can send 10 privates per day. When an user gains points (see next question) the number of private messages that can be sent daily increases at a rate of 2 more per positive point. Thus, a user with a valuation of +12 can send 24 private messages per day. Users with a certain number of negative ratings will lose the ability to send private messages.

    Privates support only text messages. You can not attach photos, gifs or files. If you do not want to receive private messages from a particular user, use the command /ban followed by his ID number. Private messages are useful to offer some concrete explanation that does not suit in the public timeline, contact to a known user regardless of his location, to propose a user to follow the conversation in a QP or a Telegram chat or for anything else that you can think of. Just remember the Terms of Use. Misuse of private messages can lead the user to be banned from Qwasap.

    How I can evaluate a user?

    In Qwasap there is a very useful basic users rating system. You can evaluate positively or negatively to any user. The procedure is as follows: send /up ID to assess positively or /down ID to assess negatively. ID is the Personal Identification Number. You can only evaluate each user once although you can change your vote as many times as you want. For all purposes will count only the last vote you have given him. You can see the balance of the assessments received by sending /info. Upon reaching certain number of votes you obtain a mark that will be visible to everyone before your ID number. The current scale is as follows:

    • 🔅 10 positive ratings.
    • 🔆 30 positive ratings.
    • 🌟 50 positive ratings.
    • 👺 5 negative ratings.

    Every positive vote is a +1 and every negative vote is a -1. The balance is the sum of positives and negatives.

    This scale can be modified according to the evolution and number of global users.

    In the future, this balance of ratings assume that a user can enjoy some additional benefits or, if he has the negative mark, he can not perform certain actions.

    What can I do about annoying users?

    Our terms and conditions are very clear about attitudes that should never occur. In the event that, simply, you do not want to see the communications of specific users there an easy way to block them. Simply use the command /ban followed by the ID number of that user. You can see the list of users you've blocked sending /info. If you want to unlock any you've previously blocked use /unban followed by their ID numbers. Example: /ban 52940 or /unban 52940

    Why can be interesting add hashtags to important messages?

    If you add a related hashtag to the content of your message, in this format: #word (for example: #concert or #floodedstreets) other users can get a list of those messages. To get that list send the command /recover #hashtag (replace "hashtag" for that you want to see). This command shows you messages that include that hastag in your location and all QPs created in it. If you only want to see hashtaged messages on the main QP or one in which you are, send /recoverhere #hashtag. When there are more people disseminating information as part of this network, this feature can be especially useful.

    What are the filters?

    The option to filter messages is a feature that will be very useful in the future, but already exists in Qwasapbot. When users mark important messages with #hashtags other users can filter messages they want to receive with the command /filter #hashtag (example: /filter bitcoin). Thus only messages marked with that #hashtag are received. To remove the filter and start to receive all messages in that location just send /filter (with nothing more).

    You can also block certain #tags and thus not receive messages containing them. This is especially useful to stop viewing broadcast messages that you are not interested in if they are broadcasting in your area. Simply send /block #tag (example: /block SydneyEvents). The tags you've blocked will appear listed in your /info. If you later want to unblock a #tag, use /unblock #tag (example: /unblock SydneyEvents).

    Can I use boldface and italic type in messages?

    Yes. You can put parts of your message in bold *surrounding the text with asterisks*. Similarly, to put a text in italics _just enclose it between underscores_. Because Telegram does not support this format you will see your text as it is written. But people who receive it will see bold or italics correctly.

    What new features will arrive at Qwasap?

    We have many ideas and we are working on them. Some of the new features we incorporate soon to Qwasap are shown HERE

    I want to contact developers of Qwasap

    Look at "Contact Us" . We use always Telegram as a medium of contact. If we incorporate some other way also be detailed on that page.