Essential Telegram Bots

There are many Telegram bots, but here are only the best.

Alertbot Send a message /alert time text and you will receive your alert in the stipulated time. Time should be written like this: 30m 1d or 2w as you want to say minutes, days or weeks respectively.
Channel2rssBot Provides RSS for any Telegram channel. Thus a channel can be seen outside of Telegram. Web.
CryptoCallBackBot It shows the price of all criptocoins you want. It also creates useful alerts to know when the price goes up or down from a given value.
BTCxBot Bitcoin price in different currencies.
CryptoAlerterBot Price of any cryptocurrency in
CryplerBot It will notifiy you when a new coin is added to any of the various Exchanges that can be configured.
TG Login Authenticate users via Telegram Messenger. Website.
PHP Checker Send it PHP code and the bot checks for syntax errors.
Etlgr_bot You can register different users to create email accounts. It works like any email client to send and receive mail. It is also ideal for creating temporary accounts since any user you register can also be removed.
Private Box Securely keeps notes and files. It also works inline to take notes on the fly or share notes and files.
Nephobot Store, share and search your files. Ideal also to send files to yourself so you can recover them on another computer.
Tlgur It creates an URL to send a file to one who does not have Telegram. Website.
ToPDF Send a doc, docx, odt, txt or jpg file and you get it back converted into pdf.
File Converter It converts audio, image or video files from one format to another.
Get Media Find and download videos from Youtube, music from Souncloud and photo from Instagram.
Dr Web Antivirus. Upload or forward a file and detects if it contains threats. It also works within groups.
Werewolf Initially, it is not easy to play this game in text mode (English) and commands, but has a certain charm once you get it. Website.
Mafia Gangs Game in which you have to invite friends to form a large mafia group and dominate the scene.
Poker Play poker with random users.
BlackJack The classic casino game.
ChessBot Play chess against a bot in Telegram.
Hangbot The classic hangman game. You have 10 lives to guess a word by choosing letters.
Minesweeper Find all mines without explode.
2048 Bot The classic 2048 game, now in Telegram.
Demisuke This bot can make a group a lot more fun with a lot of functions and games.
ReferBot URL shortener. It also provides a link with statistics.
Pronunciation To find out how the words you want are pronounced in many languages.
Andy Robot To practice English in a very entertaining way. Andy speaks and gives you exercises.
Image Translate Translates text in photographs to your language. Great when you're traveling in foreign countries.
Grocery List Convenient bot to make a shopping list.
DoToBot Make To-Do lists to share or for yourself in a simple>
Qwasap Our beloved bot for geolocalized communication and share locations.
Hide It Send hidden messages that are displayed only when the receiver wants.
Reply Sticker Send personalized stickers with text.
Jack This is like a Swiss army knife with 44 tools. From calculator up Instagram, YouTube, Google, Spotify and many more. Discover them.
The Feed Reader You can configure all the RSS feeds you want, even importing them as OPML file. And so, you can read all the news that interest you without leaving Telegram.
BNoteBot Very useful notebook.
My Address Book To save user or bot names including, if necessary, real name and surname as well as description or notes.
Edit Me A practical image editor with many effects.
ImgMagic You can apply a wide collection of effects, papers and even enter text into any image.
IconIbot Ideal to give some interesting touches to an image of yourself or an avatar.
Prisma Numerous artistic effects to your photos.
EffectBot Interesting animated and static effects.
WaterMark To add a watermark to your images.
Gif Search and send animated gifs from any chat or group.
Pic Search and sends images from any chat or group.
TweetIt A very complete Twitter client within Telegram.
Twittergram Another way to follow your Twitter from Telegram.
NowTrendingBot Explore Google, Twitter, + YouTube trends/videos on Telegram
VK Music Bot Excellent music finder to download your favorite music..
Mptribot Busca y descarga música. Simplemente teclea lo que buscas.
Tadam Music recognition. Send any recording and the bot gives you the title and artist.
iLyricsBot Provides the lyrics of any song and the music file itself if available. It also works inline.
Instant Sound Search and send funny sounds.
BuchBook This bot can help you with reading your books. You can send epub files right to it or forward message with an epub file from another conversation.
Bookinator Send a document or a book in txt, fb2 or ePub format and you can read it without leaving Telegram.
ReadMe Send the URL ( of any article, news or web and this bot will returns the pure text, no ads or weird things. Only the text.
Vid Quickly search for videos from any chat or group.
Utube Download any video from Youtube or just the sound.
Weatherman Weather forecast for today and up to five days.
Integram This bot allows you integrate groupware tools like Trello, Bitbucket or Gitlab in Telegram. Website.
Based on "Telegram Best Bots" collection by Sofocles. You can send bots candidates for this list to az [AT] etlgr [DOT] com