Please read this carefully before using Qwasap services

Qwasap through Qwasapbot is based on the services provided by Telegram. In order to use this bot is imperative that you'll agree with the terms and conditions of Telegram.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider, understand and accept the following conditions. Otherwise this service should not be used.

  1. Qwasap and Qwasapbot is an exercise of programmation that is intended to facilitate communications between individuals and groups at the local level. The service is offered as is and must be accepted that may have errors, bugs or service interruptions. At no time guarantee that everything will work correctly is offered.
  2. Qwasap and Qwasapbot provide a service to create public, open and free chats with the exceptions listed in these terms and conditions. The developers can not guarantee that everything goes to the satisfaction of users who agree to use this free service.
  3. Due to its public, open and free nature Qwasap is NOT a service to minors. The use of this service by minors may violate the laws of some countries and have legal consequences. If you're a minor, do NOT use Qwasap..
  4. As a public chat platform publications are entirely the responsibility of the people who emit. The team of developers, by the very nature of the platform, which bases its operation on millions of possible chatting areas, can not monitor everything users are posting. However, any manifestly irregular behavior contrary to these terms and conditions can be reported using this Telegram account: @horemheb. It is important to attach (forward) the message or messages that have generated the complaint and the denounced name and ID number (ID name).
  5. RED LINES. Despite being public, open and free chats there are certain red lines that should never be crossed. We have zero tolerance for any user who publishes texts, images or files of any type related to: violence, deaths, mutilations, torture, intolerance, racism and xenophobia, pedophilia or any other issue that may involve an act of humiliation to other human or nonhuman persons (whether Qwasap users or not). These red lines do not exclude other reasons to consider expelling a Qwasap user of this service and this can include those who use the service for spam, try to hack users or the service itself and harass other users or any other attitude that, in our view, undermine human dignity or disturb the harmony of this service that is offered in good faith. The expulsion of a user of this service can be definitive and does not preclude taking legal actions or complaint to the competent authorities. DO NOT try to use this service inappropriately. DO NOT try to use this service inappropriately.

If you fulfill these conditions, enjoy it. If not, please avoid problems and refrain from using it.